Första teasern för Jean Claude Van Dammes kommande ”The Eagle Path”, vilken han inte bara gör huvudroll i utan även regisserar och har skrivit. Steget över från skådespeleri till att arbeta bakom kameran är förvisso inget nytt för Van Damme som bl.a. klippte Bloodsport och skrev samt koreofgraferade Kickboxer, vad som dock är nytt är att han nu arbetar helt för sig själv tack vare det nya produktionbolaget Rodin Entertainment som han startat. Nedan ser ni teasern för The Eagle Path, och om ni klickar på Läs Vidare nedan kan ni läsa mer om de projekt som Rodin Entertainment har i produktion, bl.a. filmen Karate som ser ut att bli lite av en modern Bloodsport. Finns även posters till The Eagle Path, Karate, Itinerary of a Life och 4WD om ni läser vidare.

”Rodin Entertainment is a new company dedicated to making 2-3 high quality, thought provoking, action films per year for the international market based on the reknown Van Damme brand. The star power of our films will include top box office names and new emerging talent aligning Rodin Entertainment with the next generation of movie goers.” – Rodin Entertainment


”A military veteran and former mercenary, Frenchy (Van Damme) works as a taxi driver, hiding somewhere in East Asia, haunted by his past. After his driving shifts he often frequents the Eagle’s Nest, a seedy bar that houses a caged eagle. In the midst of the chaotic Asian traffic Frenchy picks up a beautiful female passenger who will change him forever.

Driven by dark memories of his childhood, he becomes determined to improve her life and, without her approval, he embarks on a journey which proves to be more dangerous and complicated then he expected. After encountering a series of harrowing obstacles he calls in favors from his special ops friends who immediately join him. His military team engages in the biggest fight of their lives. War is hell, but nothing they’ve done could have prepared them for this.

It’s an adrenaline-fueled, full-on, maximum firepower thriller, filled with the intense psychological conflict that Van Damme fans love the world over.”


”A legendary karate world champion (Van Damme), known as ”The Piston” because of the speed of his legs, is famous and wealthy and has the martial arts world as his feet. But his ego takes control and his world begins to crumble around him. He loses his family and his life goes into a downward spiral. Before long, this one time champion is living like a bum on the streets of Los Angeles.

Then, the Piston meets KK, an internet fight promoter. KK has a dream… to find a fighter good enough to win the prestigious freestyle mega fighting championship in Las Vegas. The Piston returns to his karate roots in Japan to find the fighting edge he needs to become a champion again. He comes back to Las Vegas for his make it or break it fight, for the fight of his life in the cage against the undefeated young champion from New York ”The Bulldozer.”

This classic, gritty, riches-to-rags-to-riches story has a heartfelt, nail-biting, edge-of-your-seat finale. It is one of the greatest fight movies of all time, appealing to a wide-ranging, new-generation audience and especially to the millions of karate and martial arts fans around the world who are hungry for a new martial arts epic in the tradition of ”Bloodsport”.”



Marcus Svensson
Startade Violent Cinema 2008 för att skriva om filmerna andra siter missade. Frilansar som filmfotograf och planerar nu hockeyfrilla och Chuck Norris-skägg för att fullända sina rundsparkar.
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