Då det sen en tid tillbaka blev bestämt att Nimrod Antal är kommande Predators regissör, under övervakning, och med manus av, Robert Rodriguez, kändes det inte mer än rätt att visa trailer för en annan kommande film av Nimrod. Att den sen också ser riktigt cool ut gör inte saken sämre, Armored heter filmen och nedan har ni trailern (startar 36 sekunder in i klippet, efter en jävligt dryg introduktion av de som lagt upp den).

AICN gjorde en intervju med Rodriguez om just Predators för att få svar på valet av regissör mm. Nedan citeras delar från det, vill ni läsa hela kan ni klicka här.

The first question I would have is this. Why didn’t you take the reins on PREDATORS?

When I was hired to write the original draft back in 1994, i was only brought on as a writer. I never thought I’d get to work on it in any other capacity. So a few months ago, when Alex Young at Fox contacted me about re-inventing the franchise using my original draft as a template for getting as far away as possible from the AVP movies, I jumped on it. It’s hard to be just a writer on a picture, because you write in some of your really great ideas, and then off they go to someone else and you have no real involvement after that. I was already booked up as a director when this came back to me, but I still wanted to have a hand in making it. So I lobbied to have the movie done through my studios so I could oversee it in a stronger position than a producer usually takes on. Alex came down and saw Troublemaker Studios, and the facilities and crew that I’ve built up over the past 12 years, and he felt right away that this is where the movie should be made and that doing it down here would be the best way to protect it from the studio system. He was keen on making a very ”non-studio” picture.

So I’ll be taking a more upfront role as a producer than would normally be the case in Hollywood. ”

Your original PREDATORS treatment back in the day was a very large scale production. At what scale are we looking at for this movie? How big is this going to be?

The original PREDATORS script was large scale, because as a writer I didn’t have to worry about how it would be made. I didn’t care it was 1994, and that the majority of the movie wasn’t even technically possible at the time. As far as I was concerned, that was going to be the filmmakers job. I just had to write a cool script.

Well, now it’s come back to haunt me, but good news is that a lot of this (and a hell of a lot more) is doable today. We’ll have to be cutting edge to pull it off, but that’s what makes it exciting for us, and will be the challenge in bringing this to screaming life.”

Utan att bli allt för entusiastisk vill jag påstå att det låter helt fantastiskt!

Marcus Svensson
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